The End of
Software Supply
Chain Attacks!

CodeLock is the ONLY Solution that Provides Complete Protection from Insider Threats and Software Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Trusted by the leading authorities in software development

Security and Compliance

CodeLock's all-in-one platform offers seamless insider threat protection, compliance automation, management metrics, and robust software supply chain security, while providing real-time vulnerability monitoring, tracking, and attack feedback—all without any friction or disruption.

Track Every Change

CodeLock protects every line of code with a forensic chain of custody that provides enhanced traceability and data integrity.

Detect Every Threat

CodeLock provides real-time alerts for changes and accurately identifies where those changes occur within the code.

Meet Every Standard

CodeLock significantly reduces the time and cost associated with meeting regulatory requirements

The CodeLock Platform

Continuous visibility and security across your DevOps pipeline

CodeLock gives developers complete control of their code. The platform integrates seamlessly between the IDE and repository, creating a forensic chain of custody. Ensuring authenticity and integrity from development to deployment, CodeLock protects against malicious activities and ensures stringent regulatory requirements are met.
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Track Every Change Made to Your Code

Guarantee the authenticity and integrity of your software with CodeLock's forensic chain of custody. Our platform tracks and links every change to its developer, creating a transparent and tamper-proof record. CodeLock safeguards software from malware that makes it through the firewall, providing a profound improvement to AST.  CodeLock provides real-time alerts for changes and accurately identifies where those changes occur within the code. This significantly streamlines incident management processes.
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Simplify Your Compliance Requirements

CodeLock significantly reduces the time and cost associated with meeting regulatory requirements. Comprehensive tracking and reporting tools provide detailed, automated reports, keeping you audit-ready at all times. By managing the complexities of compliance, CodeLock frees your team to focus on innovation.
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Enhance Visibility and Control with SBOM Automation

Streamline your software management with CodeLock's Automated Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). Our solution provides real-time, comprehensive visibility into your software components, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. Simplify your supply chain management and enhance your software's security and compliance with CodeLock's automated SBOM capabilities.
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ASTs Ain't Enough

Application Security Testing (AST) tools are necessary but insufficient for comprehensive software protection as they rely solely on known threat libraries to identify vulnerabilities. This limitation means they can't detect unknown threats, leaving a significant security gap.

With over one billion known malware threats and 560,000 new ones emerging daily, relying solely on ASTs is not enough. CodeLock addresses this critical gap by offering advanced capabilities to proactively detect unknown threats and provide real-time insights, ensuring comprehensive protection throughout the software development lifecycle.

Setting the Standard for DevOps

“CodeLock appears to have the capability
to stop the most sophisticated criminal malware.”

The United States Department of Homeland Security
Science and Technology Directorate (S&T)

Selected as One of the Top 200 Tech Start Ups in the World

Start-Up Battleground

Highlighted by Gartner as a Top DevSecOps Tool
for Secure Software Delivery


Use Cases

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Pipelines

Integrate CodeLock into your CI/CD pipelines to ensure that every code change is tracked and verified, maintaining security and compliance throughout the development lifecycle.

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Regulatory Compliance

Automate the tracking and reporting of compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and NIST 800-218, ensuring that your software meets all necessary requirements.

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Insider Threat Prevention

Utilize CodeLock's advanced tracking and nonrepudiation features to link developers to their code, preventing unauthorized changes and mitigating the risk of insider threats.

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Incident Response and Forensics

Leverage CodeLock’s detailed audit trails and historical data to quickly identify the root cause of security incidents, streamline forensic investigations, and enhance incident response capabilities.

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Third-Party Software Management

Monitor and manage the security and compliance of third-party software components integrated into your applications, ensuring they meet your organization's security standards.

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DevSecOps Integration

Embed security into your DevOps processes with CodeLock, allowing development, security, and operations teams to collaborate effectively and ensure that security is a shared responsibility across the organization.

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Easy Integration for End-to-End Visibility

CodeLock offers frictionless, zero-latency integration as a thin-client SaaS, eliminating the need for extensive IT knowledge or a dedicated SysAdmin

We recently received a grant from the
Commonwealth of Virginia to help secure
the Nation’s software supply chain

This Generous Funding Allows Us to Provide CodeLock for a
Limited Time at No Cost and with No Long Term Obligation

Senator Mark R. Warner Commends CodeLock

CodeLock receives recognition from Senator Warner of Virgnia for it's role in safeguarding the Nation's software supply chain.

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TechCrunch Awards CodeLock
Top 200 Start-Ups in the World

TechCrunch has recognized CodeLock as one of the top 200 start-ups in the world, highlighting its innovative approach to cybersecurity and its impact on the industry.
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CodeLock Receives Gartner Recommendation

CodeLock Receives Prestigious Gartner Recommendation for its Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions
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CodeLock Wins Loudoun Innovation Challenge Award in ICT

CodeLock, Inc. Wins 2023 Loudoun Innovation Challenge Award for Excellence in ICT
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Finalist in Moxie Award for Innovation and Community Impact

The rise of RESTful APIs has been met by a rise in tools for creating, testing, and managing them.
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How CodeLock Could Have Safeguarded Microsoft Against State-Backed Hackers

Russian state-backed hackers breached Microsoft's core systems; CodeLock could have prevented unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive data.
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UnitedHealth Cyberattack Fallout: CodeLock Could Have Prevented the Crisis

UnitedHealth's cyberattack fallout prompts debate over whether CodeLock could have prevented the crisis.
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CodeLock Nominated for the 2024 Product Awards

CodeLock shines at 2024 Product Awards, showcasing our innovation and commitment to excellence
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CodeLock Announces Strategic Partnership with Carahsoft to Bolster Public Sector Software Security

CodeLock Announces Strategic Partnership with Carahsoft to Enhance Public Sector Software Security
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