Security software that stops Malware

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Repository Connection

Seamless integration with code repositories, streamlining the software development process and facilitating code-level protection, secure version control, and efficient collaboration within the CodeLock platform

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Repository Monitoring

Provides real-time insights into code changes and activities within your code repositories, ensuring accountability throughout the development process. Stay informed about any suspicious or unauthorized actions to mitigate potential risks effectively

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Integrated Development Environments (IDE) Integrations

With IDE integrations, you can access CodeLock's powerful features directly from your preferred development environment, making it easier to identify and address security issues during the coding process

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Command Level Interface (CLI)

With the CLI, you can seamlessly integrate CodeLock into your existing command line workflows, enabling you to track and manage security tasks effortlessly. Simplify the process of attestation generation, compliance tracing, and risk modeling

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All-in-one platform for advanced User Analytics

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Continuous Monitoring

Real-time tracking and risk assessment of your software supply chain, ensuring security and compliance throughout the development process

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Code Scanning

Provides advanced tracking and analysis of your software's source code, detecting vulnerabilities and potential risks to ensure a secure development process

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Code Review

Conduct thorough evaluations of your codebase, identifying potential security flaws and ensuring code quality for enhanced software reliability

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Code Signing

Digitally sign your software, providing nonrepudiation and ensuring the integrity of your code, making it tamper-resistant and trustworthy for users

Advanced challenges require Advanced Features

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Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Comprehensive inventory of all the components and dependencies used in your software, ensuring transparency and visibility into your software supply chain to support compliance and security efforts

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Cryptographic Hashes

Securely verify the integrity and authenticity of software artifacts, ensuring that they have not been altered or tampered with during the software development and distribution process

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Integrity Verification

Ensures software integrity with cryptographic hashes and digital signatures, providing peace of mind against unauthorized modifications

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Provenance Data Chain

Robust provenance data chain to trace the origin and journey of software components, guaranteeing transparency and security throughout the software supply chain

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