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CodeLock's compliance tracking is your trusted co-pilot on the voyage to regulatory adherence. With an eye on ever-shifting standards and expectations, we simplify the journey, transforming your compliance from a maze of uncertainty into a straightforward path of clarity and confidence

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Maintain visibility throughout the development process, enable compliance to secure software practices and regulatory requirements. Illuminate the roadmap, ensuring that every step you take is aligned, informed, and clear

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Our meticulous system sifts through every detail, ensuring that no stone goes unturned. Be it a minor oversight or a looming discrepancy, our tailored approach captures it all, offering you a clear, comprehensive view that's both revealing and reassuring

Understanding the Cost of complying

The White House implemented Executive Order (EO 14028) to establish new security requirements for software development.

NIST introduced a new standard (800-218) with 42 distinct requirements as a consequence of this order.

Starting in 2023, federal agencies cannot purchase software from vendors who don't comply with the new standards mandated last year.

DHS reported that vendors' compliance will require over 11,000 man-hours, costing over $900,000 annually, as published in the Federal Register (April 27, 2023).

NIST 800-218 SSDF Dashboard 

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NIST 800-218 SSDF Dashboard

Enhance your software development process with confidence using our cutting-edge SSDF Dashboard. Achieve compliance seamlessly, strengthen traceability, and safeguard data integrity

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SSDF Tracking & Tracing

Gain comprehensive visibility into your development process, ensuring compliance, accountability, and security at every step. Optimize your software supply chain to stay resilient against cyber threats and streamline your projects

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Security and Accountability

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Conditional Access Control

Define specific conditions and rules for granting access to sensitive data or systems, allowing for a tailored and secure user experience based on contextual factors, such as user location, device, or authentication strength

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Least Privilege Access Control

Restricts user access to only the minimum privileges required to perform their tasks, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches, thereby enhancing the overall security posture of the organization

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Session Activity Logs (Encrypted)

Capture and securely store detailed records of user activities and sessions, providing valuable insights for auditing, compliance, and incident investigation while maintaining data privacy and confidentiality through encryption

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