Deadline Set: Secure Software Development Attestation Compliance Required by June 8, 2024

June 8, 2024: Final deadline for Secure Software Development Attestation Form compliance announced.

Deadline Set: Secure Software Development Attestation Compliance Required by June 8, 2024

The Deadline

In a significant move towards enhancing national cybersecurity, the deadline for compliance with the new Secure Software Development Attestation Form has been officially set for June 8, 2024.

This critical milestone was announced by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on March 11, 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the federal government's efforts to secure its digital infrastructure.

Following extensive engagement with stakeholders from various sectors, the development of the attestation form represents a collaborative approach to raising the security standards of software production. This form is a cornerstone of the initiative to ensure that software vendors, collaborating with the federal government, incorporate secure development practices and tools from the outset of their software projects.

The introduction of the attestation form is a direct response to the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and aligns with the strategic objectives outlined in President Biden's National Cybersecurity Strategy. The strategy highlights the critical importance of securing the software supply chain, emphasizing the collective responsibility of all digital domain stakeholders to protect the nation against cyber threats.

By establishing the Secure Software Development Attestation Form, CISA and OMB are setting a new benchmark for software development within the context of federal government operations. This move not only mandates the formal commitment of software producers to adhere to secure development practices but also paves the way for a culture of security that is essential in combating today's sophisticated cyber threats.

As software vendors prepare for the impending deadline, this policy initiative is expected to have far-reaching implications beyond government contracts, potentially influencing secure development practices across the private sector as well. Consequently, this will contribute to the overall strengthening of the nation's cybersecurity posture, ensuring that digital assets and infrastructures are protected against emerging cyber risks.

The establishment of the June 8, 2024 deadline underscores the urgency and importance of adopting these secure software development practices, emphasizing the federal government's commitment to safeguarding national security and public trust in the digital era.

The link to the final Secure Software Development Attestation Form, detailing the compliance requirements and guidelines for software vendors, can be found below:

Link to the Final Self Attestation Common Form