We're at SXSW! Come check us out!

Explore cutting-edge innovations and thought-provoking discussions at the Tech Industry Track during SXSW Conference

We're at SXSW! Come check us out!

CodeLock Key Take Away

The Tech Industry Track at the renowned SXSW Conference is a platform that showcases the latest trends, innovations, and thought-provoking discussions in the world of technology. Covering a wide range of topics, this track brings together experts, visionaries, and enthusiasts to explore advancements in areas such as AI/ML, blockchain, cryptocurrency, security and privacy, XR, social media platforms, enterprise solutions, hardware, software, chip manufacturing, wearables, robots, IoT, edge computing, data ethics, voice technology innovation, and accessibility.

Come check out CodeLock, Inc. during SXSW at the Optiv Cyber House at the Shakespeare Pub on 6th!

Each year, SXSW invites its creative global community to contribute and identify innovative ideas and the visionaries behind them. The SX community, along with input from SXSW Staff and the PanelPicker Evaluator Committee, selects the majority of conference sessions sourced from the 2023 PanelPicker® platform.


The SXSW Conference offers a unique platform for professionals at all levels to actively participate, network, and advance their careers within the technology industry. The Tech Industry Track, a highlight of the conference, features an array of programming across 25 tracks, including keynote speeches, featured speakers, panels, workshops, podcasts, and more.

Whether you're intrigued by AI advancements, fascinated by blockchain technology, or concerned about data ethics, the Tech Industry Track at SXSW Conference caters to your interests. Mark your calendar and make sure to visit CodeLock, Inc. at the Optiv Cyber House located at the Shakespeare Pub on 6th during SXSW for an exclusive experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, explore emerging technologies, and be part of the future of innovation.

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