Rebecca Cohen

HR Director

An accomplished Industrial/Organizational Psychology Analyst, Software Specialist, and Baker. When she's not busy in the kitchen, she devotes her focus to crafting efficient organizations where employee positivity and company prosperity are equally valued.

Rebecca Cohen, with a Master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Purdue Global, is an operations analyst with keen insights into building efficient organizations where employees thrive. She boasts a varied background, from serving in upscale-casual dining environments to managing a myriad of roles in a high-stakes congressional campaign. Notably, at CodeLock, Inc. and ProtectedBy.AI, she showcases her proficiencies in operational analysis, project management, and human resources. Her earlier role as a Trainer and Software Specialist with Tritek Systems, Inc. demonstrates her prowess in customer experience and communication. Outside the professional sphere, Rebecca has an enduring commitment to mentoring, evident in her 14-year association with FIRST Robotics Mid Atlantic, where she mentors and volunteers for young aspirants in robotics. A multi-faceted professional, she effortlessly blends her passion for history, art, and organizational excellence.