Founder's Story

From Devastation to Innovation

On December 13, 2020, the world of cybersecurity faced a seismic shift. The SolarWinds attack unfolded, emerging as the most significant software supply chain breach in history, impacting over 18,000 organizations worldwide.

Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations, financial firms, and even key U.S. government agencies fell victim to this highly sophisticated attack. Hackers gained unrestricted access to networks, enabling them to steal, corrupt, and dismantle valuable data assets.

The repercussions were staggering, with insured losses exceeding $90 billion, and an average cost of $12 million for affected companies. This cyber espionage event, believed to involve a foreign government, triggered a paradigm shift in the perception of software supply chain vulnerabilities.

Government agencies and businesses were compelled to reevaluate their security strategies, reinforcing the significance of Zero Trust and DevSecOps principles.

In response to this wake-up call, U.S. President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14028, establishing the NIST 800-218 Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) and OMB M-22-18. These groundbreaking measures mandated that companies selling software or software-containing products to the U.S. Federal Government ensure the integrity of their software offerings.

Similar regulations have been enacted globally, emphasizing the criticality of cybersecurity across borders. Amid this critical turning point, our team swiftly rose to the occasion, inventing CodeLock within days of the SolarWinds attack.

CodeLock garnered unprecedented recognition and an endorsement from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), acknowledging its ability to combat sophisticated criminal malware and hostile nation-state cyber-attacks."CodeLock appears to have the capability to stop the most sophisticated criminal malware. With respect to cyber-attacks from hostile nation-states, CodeLock would also be effective.” - DHSCodeLock

CodeLock Today

Today, CodeLock remains a trailblazer in the cybersecurity landscape, recognized by leading industry authorities and renowned publications such as Barron's, Fortune, ITPRO, and SXSW.

Esteemed cybersecurity professionals, including the CISO of a Silicon Valley Tech Titan, have lauded CodeLock as the most significant cybersecurity invention since Public Key Cryptography.

Gartner, a trusted source of technology insights, highlighted CodeLock as a recommended SDLC Security tool in their report titled "How to Select DevSecOps Tools for Secure Software Delivery."

Further testament to CodeLock's excellence came in May 2023, as the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) awarded the product with a prestigious Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) grant. CodeLock stands at the forefront of the cybersecurity frontier, empowering organizations with unparalleled protection and resilience against ever-evolving cyber threats while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our commitment to innovation and unwavering pursuit of excellence have cemented our position as a trusted partner in securing software supply chains. Join us on this extraordinary journey and unlock the transformative power of CodeLock in meeting federal requirements and safeguarding your digital assets.

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