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"CodeLock has proven to be an invaluable and comprehensive approach to meeting federal software security requirements."

The Cost of complying

The White House implemented Executive Order (EO 14028) to establish new security requirements for software development.

NIST introduced a new standard (800-218) with 42 distinct requirements as a consequence of this order.

Starting in 2023, federal agencies cannot purchase software from vendors who don't comply with the new standards mandated last year.

DHS reported that vendors' compliance will require over 11,000 hours, costing over $900,000 annually, as published in the Federal Register (April 27, 2023).

Reduce the Cost of Compliance Standards

Compliance with regulatory standards is a top priority for any organization working with Veterans Affairs.

CodeLock's Compliance Dashboard gives you the ability to track, manage, and fulfill federal requirements.

Our customers can save, on average, over ten thousand hours and nearly one million dollars - per year!

Enhancing Cyber Resilience

VA Contractors handle a vast amount of confidential information, from HIPPA to PII.

CodeLock's advanced software security solutions offer a forensic chain of custody, ensuring that every line of code is traceable and tamper-proof.

This level of security significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access, ultimately safeguarding the sensitive data of Veterans and ensuring their privacy.

Collaboration and Success

CodeLock's partnership with the VA goes beyond software security. It's about fostering collaboration and contributing to the mission of serving those who have served our country.

By streamlining software development processes, reducing vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance, CodeLock enables VA Contractors to focus on their core mission of supporting Veterans and delivering exceptional service.

Boosting Trust and Confidence

Maintaining trust and confidence is essential for Veterans, VA Contractors, and the VA.

CodeLock goes beyond mere security measures; it demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accountability.

The ability to provide an unbroken chain of custody for software development instills confidence in the integrity of the software products, building a foundation of trust with both users and regulators.

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