Breaking News : Secure Software Development Attestation Compliance Required by June 11, 2024
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Starting June 8, 2024, GSA will begin collecting Common Forms for new contracts (including micro-purchases) and the exercise of contract options, that include the use of software, regardless of whether or not the software is considered critical.

The New Standard in DevSecOps

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

"CodeLock appears to have the capability to stop the most sophisticated criminal malware. With respect to cyber attacks from hostile nation-states, CodeLock would also be effective.”

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Highlighted by Gartner as a top DevSecOps tool for secure software delivery.

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"CodeLock provides organizations with a virtually impenetrable network of security sensors to secure server-side applications."

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A leader in education and training to empower businesses to engage in federal, state, and local government contracts.

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CodeLock is the ONLY Trusted Solution
to Detect Unknown Threats in Your Code

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Unmatched Security

CodeLock is the first and only complete solution for stopping software supply chain attacks by protecting every line of code in your software with a forensic chain of custody for unmatched traceability and data integrity

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Continuous Monitoring

Detect any unauthorized changes made to your source-code – stopping cyber-assaults in their tracks with real-time insights to stay vigilant against potential threats - from inside and out

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Provenance Data Chain

Ensures an unbroken narrative and a transparent chain from inception to implementation. Retain control and confidence in your software development process, promoting trust in your final product

Unbeatable Accountability Insights

Ensure improvements to your organization’s efficiencies with unprecedented AI/ML-enabled insights into the performance of your software developers. CodeLock’s nonrepudiation capabilities put an end to insider threats by attaching the digital DNA of developers to every line of code they create

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Advanced Tracking

CodeLock's advanced tracking is your key to unrivaled visibility, charting every facet of your software's path with precision, safeguarding its authenticity every step of the way

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In-Depth Monitoring

Unlock unparalleled insights with CodeLock's advanced tracking, providing an eagle-eye of your software, ensuring it remains uncompromised and genuine from origin to execution

Compliance Dashboard

Compliance can overwhelm. CodeLock cuts up to 90% of the time and cost of navigating the rising regulatory demands. All while eliminating potential cyberattacks and the ensuing reputational harm

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Tracking, Tracing, Auditing

Effortlessly monitor compliance status across your software supply chain, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations

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90% Savings

DHS reported that vendor compliance will require over 11,000 work-hours, costing over $900,000 annually, as published in the Federal Register (April 27, 2023)

Revolutionize Your SDLC
All in One UI/UX

Transform your software development lifecycle (SDLC) with CodeLock's fully-integrated, user-friendly, UI/UX. CodeLock provides a seamless and efficient platform for enhanced software supply chain security, accountability, and compliance

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